Total Networks specializes in a number of services including the following:

  • Computer sales and support

    We provide sales and support for a great range of IT equipment from servers to POS systems.

  • Professional networking sales and support

    Do you need advice on how to bring your IT equipment together; from PC to handheld devices? Or do you need support on your existing setup; we can help you.

  • Network security consultancy

    The ability to keep your sensitive data safe is a crucial but often over looked area as more and more of business is conducted electronically. Total Networks can recommend to you how to improve your security; this could be upgrading your firewall or just improving your policy on passwords.

  • Internetworking for small and medium business

    Do you have one or more premises? Secure communication between these geographically separate offices over the internet is important. Talk to us about setting it up.

  • Internet telephony and PBX installations

    Modern VOIP PBX system are more configurable and allow you to setup your phone system to almost any configuration.

  • Remote workplace solutions

    Are you away from your administrative centre often? Want to able to view your business data securely from anywhere, Total Networks can help configure your mobile systems for such things like file access or emails.

  • Spam filtering solutions

    Total Networks now offers an e-mail spam filtering service; what this does is separate out the SPAM from the legitimate messages. If you are interested please click on the title above to read more about it

If you have any queries on the services we offer, feel free to contact us on (03) 6231 9166 or